Eleven Audio Design will formulate a custom solution that sounds amazing, is easy to operate, durable, appropriate for your needs, done in a timely manner, and conforms to your budget whatever that may be.

We understand that money and time are finite resources that must be respected.

We can assist you at any step in your sound system set-up and provide any and all of the following: conceptualization and brainstorming ideas, solutions to unique situations, equipment selection, unbeatable prices on any professional audio gear, coordination with project managers and integrators, installation, programming, system protection and security, professional tuning and equalization, acoustical treatment, and training. We are also happy to help you augment your existing audio environment with room analysis and tuning, acoustical work, augmentation and upgrades, eliminating noise complaints, and adding additional systems.

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Eleven Audio Design has earned a reputation for great sounding and simple to operate systems all over the nation.

First and foremost, we start by listening… To your needs as a client and then to the sound of the system and the room. Our backgrounds are in music production, engineering, and mixing.

Eleven Audio Design’s principal founders have a range of musical experience: Grammy Award-winning audio engineering for artists from Daniel Lanois, Rosanne Cash and Elvis Costello to Flight of the Conchords and Dashboard Confessional; live sound engineering in mixing venues of 10 people to 10,000; and sound designing show systems for national tours and Tony Award-winning Broadway musicals.

We believe that music in any space is critical in setting the vibe and mood. Sound should not be an afterthought. Our experience working with premier artists and top flight productions bolsters our ability to specifically tailor systems to meet clients’ specific needs. Our experience of designing and installing sound systems in a wide range of sizes, costs, and applications gives us the knowledge and ability to anticipate future needs and to build systems that can adapt as different needs arise.

Eleven Audio Design is a full service sound company; a one-stop shop for system consultation, design, installation, music programming, and maintenance. We specialize in custom audio solutions for restaurants, bars, clubs, offices, fitness clubs, residences, recording studios, and live music venues. We bring this experience and expertise to every project, applying a focused eye on every detail. We firmly believe music is too precious to be squandered on poorly designed sound systems.

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“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the
complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.”
Charles Mingus